Midland Senior Women's Golf Association

image0The MSWGA match between the President's Team and the winners of the County Team Championships (2023), Staffordshire, was played at Woodhall Spa Golf Club, Lincolnshire on April 25th 2024. Thank you to the management for generously giving us courtesy of the course. Sadly the weather was rather cold but the course was in good condition bearing in mind how much rain we have had!

Representing the Presidents Team were: Helen Lowe, Tracey Williamson, Sarah Cranton, Lisa Barton, Carol Wild, Marcella Tuttle, Cindy Ireland, Andrea Stockdale, Birdie Dawson, Jo Dawson, Fiona Sharman and Sally Shayler.

Representing Staffordshire: Debbie Warren, Anne Fern, Jenny Deeley, Jayne Fletcher, Sue Spencer, Sally Sketcher, Bridget Locke, Sam Morris, Helen Robson, Helena Rean, Lisa Doyle and Nicky Dyke.

The matches were all played in good spirit and the result went down to the last match.  The final result was 3½ to 2½ to the President's Team. Many thanks to all the ladies from both teams for playing.

Cindy Ireland

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President's Team Staffordshire Team